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Jeanine Clarkin established her Maori street wear label in 1994, blending Maori art

and designfor a new generation and projecting Maori fashion into the new millennium. Clarkin has worked as a costume designer for dance and theatre,

a fashion show producer and creative director, and more recently as a curator for

art exhibitions and events. Her collections show how her unique style has evolved with time

the Collections takes you on a journey through seasons and hemispheres, with solid winter wool pieces complemented by more ephemeral references.

My interest in Sustainability stemmed from the relationship between the woollen blanket, as a symbol of colonization and currency.

As introduced in its broadest sense I  feel the blanket l shows how Māori have had the capacity to endure and maintain a process of

kaitiakitanga (environmental guardianship) over time.

Research, development and exploration is required to ensure we are using the best possible practices.

The resulting garments are contemporary high fashion statements, founded in matauranga Maori

During London Fashion week  Oct 17 2021 Jeanine will be releasing aspects of her latest cross seasonal collection.  Her collection 

features stylised  taaniko and tukutuku (Maori weaving) patterns in celebration of her current retrospective exhibition  Te Aho Tapu Hou,

the new sacred thread Jeanine Clarkin  Fashion Activist.

This is currently showing at  Waikato Museum in Hamilton New Zealand  until October 31 2021.