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Fashioned in Culture

Jeanine Clarkin is a pioneer of Māori fashion in Aotearoa. Having started her eponymous label over 27 years ago, Jeanine's design story is one where success and integrity have been woven together to create a design history and practice that encompasses Haute Couture to Slow Fashion.


Jeanine has shown collections in New Zealand and internationally and continues to champion indigenous design both at home and abroad.


She draws her design inspiration from the conceptual body of the Wharenui, Whare Tinana (body), Wairua (spirit), Mauri (life force) and Te Taiao (environment) and how these are held together in balance.


She incorporates patterns which originate from Tukutuku, and through her creative practice continues the tradition of Māori women’s fibre art.


Her commitment to sustainable fashion is reflected throughout her work and, notably her collections focus on repurposing vintage, fine woollen textiles.


Jeanine's ethos provides the medium for her exploration of colonization and the exchange of Māori lands for blankets. Her garments are contemporary high fashion statements, founded in Matauranga Māori.

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Jeanine Clarkin on 28 years of Māori fashion activism

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Te Aho Tapu Hou: An exhibition showcasing Jeanine's earlier fashion influences, major events, and current fashion collections


Te Aho Tapu Hou Exhibition go on display at Taupō Museum


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Young artists mentored on Waiheke

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