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Pokemon Let 39;s Go Pikachu Mod Apk Download For Android

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu: A Classic Adventure Reimagined for Nintendo Switch

If you are a fan of Pokemon, you probably have fond memories of playing Pokemon Yellow on your Game Boy back in the day. The game was a special edition of Pokemon Red and Blue that featured Pikachu as your starter Pokemon and followed the story of the anime series. Now, you can relive that nostalgia with Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu, a modern remake of Pokemon Yellow for Nintendo Switch.

pokemon let 39;s go pikachu mod apk download for android

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu is not just a simple port of the old game, though. It has many new features and improvements that make it more accessible, enjoyable, and immersive than ever before. Whether you are new to the series or a veteran trainer, you will find something to love in this game.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu, including how to download and install a mod APK for Android devices, how to play the game on Nintendo Switch, tips and tricks for catching and battling Pokemon, a review of the game's pros and cons, and more. Read on to find out why Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu is one of the best games for Nintendo Switch.

How to Download and Install Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Mod APK for Android

One of the coolest things about Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu is that you can play it not only on Nintendo Switch but also on your Android device. How? By using a mod APK.

A mod APK is a modified version of an app that allows you to access features that are not available in the official version. For example, a mod APK for Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu can let you play the game for free, unlock all Pokemon, use cheats, and more.

However, not all mod APKs are safe and reliable. Some may contain viruses, malware, or spyware that can harm your device or steal your personal information. Therefore, you need to be careful when downloading and installing a mod APK for any game.

One of the best sources for finding a trustworthy mod APK for Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu is . This website offers a free download link for the latest version of the game, along with instructions on how to install it on your Android device. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Security > Unknown Sources and toggle it on.

  • Next, you need to download the mod APK file from the website. To do this, click on the download button and wait for the file to be saved on your device.

  • Then, you need to locate the mod APK file on your device and tap on it to start the installation process. Follow the instructions on the screen and wait for the installation to finish.

  • Finally, you need to launch the game and enjoy playing Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu on your Android device.

Note that using a mod APK may have some risks and drawbacks, such as compatibility issues, bugs, crashes, or bans. Therefore, you should always backup your data before using a mod APK and use it at your own risk. Alternatively, you can buy the official version of the game from the Google Play Store or the Nintendo eShop.

How to Play Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu on Nintendo Switch

If you prefer to play Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu on Nintendo Switch, you will need to buy the game cartridge or download it from the Nintendo eShop. The game costs $59.99 and requires 4.1 GB of storage space. Once you have the game, you can start playing it on your Nintendo Switch console.

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu is a role-playing game that lets you experience the classic Pokemon adventure in a new way. You can choose between a male or female protagonist and name them as you like. You will also get a partner Pokemon, Pikachu, who will accompany you throughout your journey. You can interact with your Pikachu by petting, feeding, or dressing it up.

The game follows the same plot as Pokemon Yellow, but with some changes and additions. You will travel across the Kanto region, catching and battling Pokemon, collecting gym badges, and fighting against Team Rocket. You will also encounter some familiar characters from the anime series, such as Ash, Misty, Brock, Jessie, James, and more.

The game has several features and benefits that make it more fun and immersive than ever before. Here are some of them:

  • <ul You can catch Pokemon using the motion controls of the Joy-Con or the Poke Ball Plus accessory. You can also use the touch screen of the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. You can throw berries to lure Pokemon or use different types of Poke Balls to increase your chances of catching them.

  • You can battle Pokemon using a simple and intuitive system that is based on the original Pokemon games. You can choose from four moves for each Pokemon and use items to heal or boost them. You can also switch Pokemon during battles or run away from them.

  • You can train Pokemon using candies that you get from catching or transferring Pokemon. You can use different kinds of candies to increase your Pokemon's stats, such as HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, and more. You can also teach your Pokemon new moves or change their natures using special items.

  • You can explore the Kanto region using various methods of transportation, such as walking, riding, flying, or surfing. You can also interact with the environment and find hidden items, secrets, and easter eggs. You can also visit different locations, such as cities, towns, forests, caves, islands, and more.

  • You can connect with Pokemon Go and transfer Pokemon between the games. You can use the Go Park feature to send Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu. You can also use the Mystery Box feature to encounter Meltan, a new mythical Pokemon, in Pokemon Go.

  • You can play with a friend in co-op mode or online with other players. You can use a second Joy-Con or a Poke Ball Plus to join another player's adventure and help them catch and battle Pokemon. You can also trade or battle with other players online using a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Tips and Tricks for Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu is a game that is easy to pick up and play, but it also has some depth and complexity that can challenge even the most experienced trainers. If you want to get the most out of your adventure, you should know some tips and tricks that can help you catch and train Pokemon, find secrets, and complete your Pokedex. Here are some of them:

  • <ul You can get the most out of your partner Pokemon and customize its appearance. You can access the Partner Play feature by shaking the Joy-Con or tapping the Pikachu icon on the screen. You can pet, feed, or play with your Pikachu and increase its happiness and affection. You can also change its hairstyle by using different motions on the touch screen or the Joy-Con. You can also dress up your Pikachu with various outfits and accessories that you can find or buy in the game.

  • You can use candies to boost your Pokemon's stats and abilities. You can get candies from catching or transferring Pokemon, or from completing mini-games in the Go Park. You can use different kinds of candies to increase specific stats, such as Quick Candy for Speed, Mighty Candy for Attack, and so on. You can also use species-specific candies, such as Pikachu Candy, to increase all stats of a certain Pokemon. You can also use rare candies, such as L Candy or XL Candy, to level up your Pokemon faster.

  • You can catch rare and shiny Pokemon with catch combos and lures. Catch combos are when you catch the same species of Pokemon consecutively without breaking the streak. The higher your catch combo, the higher your chances of finding rare and shiny Pokemon. You can also use lures to attract more Pokemon to your location. There are three types of lures: normal, super, and max. The stronger the lure, the longer it lasts and the more effective it is.

  • You can find hidden items, secrets, and easter eggs in the game. For example, you can find a Nugget behind a rock near Pewter City, a Moon Stone in Mt. Moon, a Master Ball in Silph Co., and more. You can also find some references to the anime series, such as Ash's hat in your room, Misty's bike in Cerulean City, Jessie and James' Meowth balloon in various locations, and more. You can also encounter some special Pokemon, such as Bulbasaur in Viridian Forest, Charmander on Route 24, Squirtle in Vermilion City, and more.

  • You can get every legendary Pokemon and complete your Pokedex. There are four legendary Pokemon in the game: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Mewtwo. You can find them in different locations after you beat the Elite Four and become the champion. You can also get Mew if you have the Poke Ball Plus accessory or transfer it from Pokemon Go. You can also get some exclusive Pokemon that are not available in Pokemon Let's Go Eevee, such as Oddish, Sandshrew, Growlithe, Scyther, and more. You can trade with other players to get the Pokemon you are missing.

Review of Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu is a game that has received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. Some praised it for its charming graphics, nostalgic appeal, and innovative features. Others criticized it for its lack of difficulty, depth, and content. Here are some of the pros and cons of the game:



- Beautiful and colorful graphics that bring the Pokemon world to life

- Too easy and casual for hardcore fans and veterans

- Fun and intuitive catching and battling mechanics that use the motion controls or the touch screen

- Lack of wild Pokemon battles and abilities that reduce the strategy and challenge

- Enga


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